Bachelorette Party Emergency Kit

Photo Credit:  ilulily Etsy

Photo Credit: ilulily Etsy

Your bachelorette party is one of the best nights of your life with your best gals! You don’t ever plan for anything to go wrong but you want to be prepared to make sure you make through the night and the next morning. You can have one big emergency kit for the whole crew or make individual emergency kits for each of your girls.

Here are our best suggestions for an emergency kit!

We don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions so keep enough safety pins on hand for your crew!

Stick a tide to go pen in your purse incase of someone dropping food on their cute outfit at dinner or incase of someone bumping into one of you at the bar and spilling a drink. You want your outfits to stay looking their best for photo ops all night!

Band Aids for when your cute heels start to hurt your feet and give you blisters.  Pro tip: Put Band Aids on beforehand where your heels usually give you blisters to avoid getting them in the first place! 

Keep those hair ties handy for when you are dancing the night away and it starts to get hot! We love ours from our partners at Love Mia Co; check out their etsy below.

Photo Credit:  Love Mia Co Etsy

Photo Credit: Love Mia Co Etsy

Hand sanitizer… because we know bars and the bathrooms can get gross sometimes. 

Have Gatorade at the hotel that way you can re-hydrate when you get back from your fun night out to minimize the next day hangover!

Be prepared with Advil and for the next morning! If you want to get ahead, take Charcoal Pills the night before as well. We swear by them!

A few other items you can throw in your emergency kit are:


Chap stick


Makeup Wipes

Being prepared with an emergency kit will help ensure your night goes as smoothly as possible and that you always have a night to remember with your best girls! Let us know if we missed anything that you would add in an emergency kit!