Creative Bachelorette Theme Ideas for the Modern Girl Squad


Hey there, girl! So you’re in charge of planning your best bride’s bachelorette party? We’re here to help.  You’ve picked the destination city, the dates, the guest list... but there is still a couple things missing! One being one of the more important:


Well keep on reading and we’ll give you some of our favorite themes that we’ve seen or thought of!! But first, when picking a theme you’ve got to think of a couple of things! 

  1. What time of year are you going? 

  2. Where are you going? 

  3. What are the bride’s likes/dislikes? 

  4. What are your plans for the weekend?

  5. How do you want to do the decor & attire?

So here I am to chat with you about the most popular bachelorette party themes and some fun decor to go along with them as an added bonus! If you end up picking one, let us know so we can see how much fun you had AND a chance for a feature on the blog. 


The most perfect theme for the Mexican lovin’, queso cravin’ bride! Whether you’re heading to Cancun or hanging around your hometown, this theme is perfect and so much fun to decorate! Here are some fun decorations to say ADIOS to the single life! One of our favorite partners, Pretty Goods ATX, has the most perfect decor for this theme! Contact us to find out our discount code when looking for the perfect fiesta themed decorations. I mean... just look how cute this stuff is! 

OR these adorable shirts from our partners over at The Sassy Bride! 



As a huge lover of pink, this may be one of our favorite themes. We love the silliness and fun that comes along with incorporating these adorable little animals into the decor & attire that goes along with the theme for the bachelorette party. There are so many options for decor for this party! Head on over to our partners at Glamfetti Co! They have so many cute options!


A big kid sleepover?! Who wouldn’t want to be invited?! The easiest, budget friendly girls night in is the way to go. Think about girlie movies, like 13 Going on 30 or How to Get a Guy in 10 days, card games, like That’s What She Said, and champagne poppin’ all night long.

Get the cutest PJ sets HERE from our partners over at Keep Life Simple Design! & maybe some custom cookies from companies all over! Make the bride feel at home with all her girls and her favorite things.



As you can probably already tell, we are BIG winos over here at GOT YOUR BACH. We sure do love anything that gets the party started, hence why this theme is one of our favorites. This is the perfect theme for any Wine Lovers and Beyond. Whether you’re headed to Napa or even Fredericksburg, TX, this theme can go along with anything. You can also throw in any other sayings that go with the theme like, “Vino before Vows” or more! Check out some adorable things from our partners that will KILL it in the decor category.

Obviously you will need custom champagne or wine labels like the one above from our beloved, Pria and Co. Have you seen that we teamed up with her on our giveaway on our Instagram!? She is giving away 20 Customized Mini Champagne Labels + Matching Straw Flags + $50 Value of Custom Design to match your design & theme!! Such a steal.

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I Do Crew

Last but certainly not least for this blog post; we think that I Do Crew is just a MUST to add in here. You can do so many things with it. We have seen a lot of girls doing nautical themes lately, so how cute would it be to spin it as a “CREW” on a ship!! We haven’t seen this done anywhere else, so you’re the first to hear about it! What do you think?! You can throw in other things like… “Let’s get Nauti”; “Last Sail Before the Veil”… all while keeping the fun CREW theme!

Thanks for hanging out with us! Make sure to enter our giveaway to win a bachelorette party planned by US and a lot of other goodies. You can find the link HERE!

As always, we love hearing from you guys. So tell us your faovrite bnachelorette party theme or which one you had when you threw the party. If you want to be featured as well, send us an email and we’ll get to it!

Ta ta for now, ladies!

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