Lizette's Bachelorette Party in Texas Wine Country (Fredericksburg, Texas)

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Lizette's Bachelorette Party in Fredericksburg, Texas

We asked Lizette some questions about her bachelorette party so we hope that this helps you plan yours when the time comes! 

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Lizette and her 5 best girlies headed to the wine country from Frisco, Texas, which is right outside of Dallas, Texas.  They drove there, which took about 4 and a half hours! Not too bad to be in one of the most gorgeous places in Texas and I mean...


The theme was mermaid as you can tell from the pictures and they were able to decorate the Airbnb that they stayed in as much as they wanted. That is one of the plus sides of having an Airbnb because it's like your own little home. We will be doing a hotel vs. airbnb blog very soon so stay tuned! Their Airbnb costed around $400 a night. Make sure to reach out to us when planning a bachelorette party as we have partnerships with different ones in different cities! 

They went to Fredericksburg in September and spent 4 days there. They had an itinerary beforehand so they didn't have to be scurrying around to figure out what they were doing and when! Having an itinerary is so helpful, so make sure to reach out to us so we can give you a custom one for each trip. 

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During their trip they, drank wine at different wineries around the wine country. They used a wine shuttle service to make sure they had a safe driver from place to place. They ate at restaurants,  shopped at cute boutiques, and played games back at their Airbnb.  Lizette said that each girl spent around $500 for the entire trip! 

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Lizette said, "It was a great destination that didn't require anyone to fly and keep costs reasonable and who doesn't love wine. I also made all of the shirts and gifts since I have a personalized gifts business."

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